To Beat The Summer Heat, These Crazy Cones Will Keep You Cool

By Ashley Harris
Lead Writer, The Fifth Course

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This time of year poses a lot of challenges for anyone daring to brave the summer heat. We aim to find different ways to keep us cool and refreshed, like sitting in front of the A/C all day, going out for a swim or taking a cool shower. With the number of heat waves hitting Toronto this week alone, those of us who are willing enough leave home in search of everyone’s favourite summer treat: ice cream.

Just southwest of Toronto’s prominent Forest Hill neighbourhood is a small corner store sporting some interesting exterior decor. A number of large statues of food and ice cream cones, unusual green and red window shutters, flags of the world sitting atop the roof, and a couple colourful cow statues sitting on top of a doorway. This eccentric store is none other than local favourite, Dutch Dreams. Having grown up in Forest Hill myself, Dutch Dreams has been a name that immediately catches my attention. This shop serves up some of the most outrageous scoops you’ll ever find. The visuals truly do speak for themselves. With proud Dutch heritage, this shop makes its pride very clear with the abundance of interior decor adorning the walls and ceiling.

Quite frankly, it truly is difficult to describe the exciting feeling you get when you step in through the doors of the parlour. You’ll truly have to visit and see for yourself. At the top of my list for the best scoops that can be found in Toronto, this takes my top spot. The quality of the ice cream is rich and true to its flavour, with the candied cone of your choice and insane toppings to go along with it all. Calling Toronto home since the 1980s, Dutch Dreams truly is that: an insane, showy yet extremely sweet, Dutch fever dream that you don’t want to wake up from.

Address: 36 Vaughan Rd, Toronto, ON M6G 2N3
Phone: +1 (416) 656-6959
Hours: Sunday to Saturday – 12 p.m to 12 a.m.

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